PV Power and Power Quality: Understanding Your Options for Utility-Scale Grid Compliance

When it comes to utility scale grid compliance, you have many options and it is important to look at these in order to achieve an optimized system for your PV installation.   The challenges faced by solar developers today have less to do with the core technology and much more to do with questions around integrating PV systems to the grid.  This webinar will highlight these challenges and answer many of your questions around grid integration. A panel of grid compliance experts will join the speakers during the Q&A time at the end of the webinar.

Specific areas we will highlight:

  • Upfront planning:  Understanding up front what issues could occur downstream will be better for the lifecycle of your project than unexpectedly down the road.
  • Inverter selection:  Key considerations in inverter selection to make the most economically productive use of your solar inverters and comply with interconnection agreements.
  • Power quality:  Taking a look at proven technologies like BESS and STATCOM within the substation that PV plants can use to address congestion issues and other grid code requirements.  When should you consider each of these technologies and how do they benefit the developer?