Practical Strategies for Closing More Residential Solar Sales

Have you ever met with the ideal solar prospect and been confident the deal would close but it didn’t? Are you interested in learning specific strategies that can be quickly applied to help you improve your closing rate on residential solar sales? If so, we have advice on best practices from expert industry sales professionals who have sold millions of dollars’ worth of solar, giving you some of their best tips.

This webinar will explore tangible strategies to improve your residential solar sales process and generate more revenue, with insights for both inside and outside sales roles. Attendees will hear proven best practices from panelists who have been in their shoes and who have collectively sold millions of dollars of residential solar installations and been top performers at leading solar companies. We will also share insights from NREL customer acquisition research on business best practices to help you boost solar sales. 

Attendees of this webinar will learn:
● A winning framework for helping prospective customers understand: why solar, why your company, and why now?
● How to reframe the sales conversation to highlight the key benefits for your customer
● How to make your sales “stickier” and reduce the likelihood of cancellations
● How to approach the topic of solar savings for greater success
● How to put together a compelling solar sales proposal that improves your likelihood of closing the sale