webinar: Solar

Optimizing Block Design For Utility-Scale Solar With String Inverters

Despite the recent shift in energy policy announced recently by President Trump, U.S. utility executives remain bullish on utility-scale solar with more than two-thirds forecasting moderate or significant growth in installations. Despite this positive environment, developers, asset owners and EPCs are facing more pressure than ever to drive down costs as a result of steep declines in PPA prices.

Accustomed to a relentless focus on up-front CapEx, global utility-scale solar markets have shifted dramatically in recent years to string inverters, which promise to slash OpEx and increase energy yields without increasing CapEx -- in some cases actually reducing up-front costs.

The keys for successful implementation of a string inverter-based, utility-scale plant are selecting the right technology and implementing the right block design. Many developers and EPCs have questions about the right way to capitalize on this global trend.

  • How can I reduce balance of system costs compared to traditional central inverter designs?
  • How do string inverters slash O&M costs by up to 25%?
  • What is the ideal block design?
  • What are the main differences between the string inverters available in the US?
  • What is the impact to yields of multiple Maximum Power Point Trackers?

These questions and more will be analyzed in detail during the webinar by Huawei experts who have delivered gigawatts of projects to the U.S. and global utility-scale solar markets.