webinar: Solar

Lowering Solar Supply Chain Costs through an eCommerce Marketplace

As the PV Solar industry matures, ecommerce solar marketplaces are now emerging in the US bringing vertical integration across the supply-chain creating new efficiencies, opportunities, and cost reductions. With soft costs representing nearly two-thirds of solar costs today in the commercial, residential, and utility sectors, the effects of early adoption of these marketplaces is wide-sweeping and may represent the largest opportunity in 2017 for all members of the supply chain--distributors, installers, EPCs, project developers, and O&M asset managers, to reduce costs and increase profits this year.

Unlike the independent silos of the solar supply-chain that have existed to-date, the recent introduction of centralized, ecommerce platforms provide the benefits of traditional vertical integration to firms of all sizes in addition to new value chain opportunities. Now firms of all sizes have visibility and access to the entire solar supply chain. This creates significant cost reductions in not only supply-chain costs, but across the board including indirect corporate costs, transaction costs, installation costs, and hardware costs. Additionally, this model provides new opportunities for increased customer satisfaction and improved customer service.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How solar ecommerce marketplaces operate and how to take advantage of them to increase the efficiency and value of your supply-chain operations
  • What areas of your operation to focus on to receive the largest benefits and soft cost reductions
  • How inclusion of excess, refurbished, decommissioned, and legacy inventory into the supply value chain will affect the solar market and your business in the coming year