webinar: Utility-Scale Solar

Is Your Investment Protected? A Guide to Effective PV Operations and Maintenance

GTM Research estimates the global operations and maintenance market for plants larger than 1 megawatt will triple by 2017 to reach 150 gigawatts, making effective O&M a critical component to PV investment security. Every risk factor in PV plant operation carries a monetary consequence that can negatively affect profitability or even destroy it entirely. Plant owners and operators must understand how effective O&M can mean the difference between a system that simply produces power and one that is a truly optimized PV asset.

Attendees will learn:

  • How a properly maintained solar plant can increase yield 10-30%.
  • Why O&M scalability is critical in servicing commercial and utility systems.
  • The importance of risk evaluation and how to mitigate those risks in order to ensure maximum energy production throughout the life of the system.
  • How to proactively identify issues before they turn into larger complications that could affect investment profitability.
  • Why experience and expertise in PV servicing is paramount when selecting an O&M provider.