Increasing Production & Revenues of Utility-Scale Solar Installations with DC-Coupled Solar+Storage

Adding DC-coupled solar plus storage to existing or new utility scale solar plants can maximize project economics through reduced installation costs, increased energy production, valuable tax incentives amongst other value streams. In this webinar, Dynapower will take participants through the multiple value streams and advantages of DC-Coupled utility-scale solar plus storage as compared to AC-coupled storage.

In addition to capacity firming, energy time shifting and ramp rate control, DC-coupled solar plus storage enables maximized project economics through:

  • A lower installation cost than AC-Coupled storage
  • A higher efficiency than AC-Coupled storage
  • Increased revenue through clipping recapture
  • Ability to retain tax incentives (ITC)
  • Low voltage harvest (LVH)
  • Ramp rate control +
  • Should be no need for system impact study

In addition to a deeper dive into how each value stream is achieved, Dynapower will take participants through case studies of recent installations of Dynapower’s UL-listed DPS-250 DC converters. Webinar participants will also get an overview of Dynapower’s new solar plus storage calculator which enables Dynapower to assist utility-scale solar developers and owners in modelling their installations for optimal storage topology and sizing as well as calculate increased installation energy production and revenues to determine the return of investment for adding storage to new or existing utility-scale solar installations.

Founded in 1963, Dynapower has over 400 MWs of energy storage inverters, DC converters and fully integrated systems installed worldwide.