How to Sell Solar Remotely

Learn the latest industry tricks to grow your solar business and gain market share.

Whether you’re a solar installer, solar sales team, manufacturer, distributor or lender, this session will provide you with solutions to increase your bottom line. From design and proposal tools to financing and permitting tools, streamlining your process will be critical to thrive in today’s North American’s market reality.

Join former solar installer and Solargraf’s founder, Lennie Moreno as he shares his insight, tips and tricks on how to get ahead in today’s growing industry.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to significantly save time and money during your sales cycle
  • How to use technology efficiently to boost your sales and structure your business
  • How to reduce your soft costs and streamline your processes from design to financing to project completion
  • How to hold everyone accountable during the sales and installation process
  • Manufacturers, Distributors and Lenders: How to provide more value to your dealers through custom solutions