webinar: Solar

How Solar Sales Techniques are Evolving in the Era of Modern Software Tools

As customer acquisition costs rise, solar developers are being forced to innovate – both in the software programs they use, and also in the processes and techniques they employ.

Join us to learn how some of the leading developers and integrators are evolving their work flow to capture market share. We will discuss best practices, and how they differ based on the stage and business model of a company.

  • New techniques to engage customers at each stage of the sales process
  • How to improve close rates with optimization and customization
  • Which parts of the process can be done remotely, and how to mitigate the associated risks
  • How sales and engineering teams can work together to reduce turnaround times
  • How software can improve the customer experience as originators hand off customers to installation companies

The presentation will also draw insights from Folsom Labs’ Solar Workflow Survey, which gathered input from hundreds of solar developers worldwide on their business processes and strategic priorities.