webinar: Solar

How Software is Transforming Solar Development

As a variety of solar-specific software tools reach the market, they are helping solar installers improve their speed and reduce costs.

However, improved speed is only part of the software story. The best installers are transforming the way they operate to increase their effectiveness, close more deals, and improve their turnaround times. These installers are becoming fundamentally different organizations with different workflows and streamlined org structures.

This webinar will describe the latest developments in solar software tools, and explain how these tools are impacting the way solar installers operate, showcasing case studies of new workflows, techniques, and best practices.

To continue the conversation, register for the S3 Solar Software Summit, the industry’s first software conference dedicated to purpose-built solar software tools, hosted by Folsom Labs and GTM Events. See more details here: www.solarsoftwaresummit.com.