How Software Can Unlock the Potential of Renewables as Baseload

The key to hybrid energy is a robust software and controls system.

As the world moves towards 100% renewable energy, energy storage is uniquely positioned in this transition. Energy storage’s near instant response helps smooth the integration of renewables, enabling the grid to emerge more stable and responsive. It can also play multiple roles, acting as both load and capacity depending on whether it is absorbing excess generation or feeding back into the grid.

But the real key to unlocking ‘renewables as baseload’ is the energy management system (EMS). A basic software and controls platform manages the energy system and application. Sophisticated software and controls extends beyond to orchestrate and optimize multiple assets, such as hybrid energy systems and remote micro-grids or entire islands. Greensmith, a Wärtsilä Company, has a software (GEMS) that simulates and models various configurations, so that customers can predict the levelized costs of energy over a given timeframe and select the optimized mix of assets for their business case.

Looking at Graciosa, an island grid project in the Azores and an engine and storage project in Hungary, this webinar will explore the value software and controls provide, exploring questions concerning both what software has achieved to date and what role it will play in the market's future.