How Enel Green Power Went from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

We’ve all heard the hype around predictive analytics and Machine Learning - learn what it really takes to go to proactive operational status as NarrativeWave and Enel Green Power highlight how they achieved this together.

Enel successfully made the transition from having sudden failures and excessive downtime, to using predictive analytics that significantly reduced downtime and supply chain costs.  Using NarrativeWave’s solution and transparent predictive analytics, Enel now has an average 54 days in advance notice of critical asset failure.

In this webinar, renewable energy operators will learn:

  • How to decide which projects are ideal candidates for analytics
  • What is the ideal team makeup to tackle the project
  • How to build the analytics
    • The importance of combining data science and physics
    • Analytic types - where to start
  • How to make operational decisions using analytics - organizational needs

 You will also walk away with a useable template to help:

  • Identify areas of value that actually matter
  • Correctly define your unique project scope
  • Build a project plan