How AI & Machine Learning Deliver Personalized Marketing at Scale

Join the technology experts behind Fiveworx, the AI-driven automation platform for persona-based energy marketing, as they discuss the use and scalability of AI and machine learning for mass personalization and customer engagement. This webinar promises a can’t-miss, captivating peek at some of the most innovative ways to make aggregate data actionable to achieve organizational objectives. Listen in as the pros explore how technology helps them deliver highly individualized communication to a large, diverse audience and engage a customer of one.

Senior Data Scientist Zack Kimble and Chief Product Officer Patrick Hunt will explore how Fiveworx uses core technology from parent company Lirio to capture and apply data in a way that drives results in the energy sector. Get a glimpse under the hood as they discuss the platform’s processing sequence, what data is collected, and how that data is leveraged to improve energy initiative participation. Find out how industry leaders see processes evolving, where they envision communication technology going in the future, and their take on how you can use AI and behavioral science to go beyond meter data to move the needle.