webinar: Solar

Exploring the Value Proposition of High Efficiency Mono PERC and Bifacial PERC Modules

Module price decline in the past few years has been a significant driver to system cost reduction. While there is room for further module price depreciation, module price trends are vulnerable to upside risk, such as import tariffs, increased input costs, and supply-demand shift. This makes it hard to depend on module price reduction to bring down system costs. Moving forward, there may be more opportunity to bring down system costs by adopting higher efficiency module technology.

More manufacturers are focusing on improving module efficiency and power output. This process not only brings down module production costs, but can also reduce PV system soft costs, such as labor and BOS.

In this webinar, leading high efficiency module manufacturer Longi will look at different advanced modules technologies, evaluating:

  • Extensive field data to show performance and energy yield of advanced mono PERC and bifacial PERC
  • Cost savings for mono PERC modules in the utility, C&I, and residential market