Deploying Energy Storage Systems in Urban Environments: Safety Driving Global Growth Opportunity

Energy storage systems (ESS) are critical in the global energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. Despite already demonstrating compelling economics in multiple transmission and distribution grid-connected scenarios, ESS deployments remain limited in urban areas due to safety concerns inherent in legacy battery architectures.

New designs, paired with extensive testing and compliance requirements, can overcome the risks of fires and explosions. As a result, industry focus on ESS is shifting to safety, ease of installation and footprint to complement cost and performance metrics.

This webinar will provide actionable insights on near- and longer-term urban ESS opportunities. Sharing perspectives earned from utility deployments, global power quality solutions and advancements in battery technology, panelists will discuss what is required to enable rapid ESS adoption in urban areas. Ideas about how to leverage technology trends embedded in product solutions to satisfy climate and energy goals will also be included. A review of the recent ESS installation demonstration at NYPA headquarters in White Plains, New York will illustrate a collaboration around high-performing technology deployed for shaving peak electricity demand.  

Join this webinar for an interactive discussion aimed to share knowledge around safe, reliable and cost-effective ESS deployment.