Energizing EV: Accelerating the EV Revolution for Business

29% of US carbon emissions come from transport - a stark reality. With over 272 million vehicles on the road today, only a limited number are electric vehicles. In fact, while 70% of EV cars are in Fleets, only 1.5% of Fleet vehicles are electric. This means the opportunity for businesses to lead the way with action to reduce carbon emissions is huge. But there are roadblocks.

Our recent global customer survey showed that less than half (43%) had thought about their power requirements of implementing EV. And with 77% of organizations looking to move to electric vehicles, or offer them to employees as a benefit, it’s clear that businesses need to think broader than just the vehicles to be successful.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the three emerging themes businesses will need to tackle to benefit from the EV revolution. We’ll cover:

  • Why businesses are moving to EV, and how can you benefit
  • How moving to an EV fleet is more than just about the vehicles
  • What are the key EV strategy considerations for business


We’ll also share two case studies, so you can see examples of how EV is being leveraged by other organizations:

  • How cross-industry collaboration is driving innovation: Ford partnership
  • Learn about examples of EV innovation: Tesla, UK council


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