Commercial Solar Financing Made Simple

The commercial solar financing process has been notoriously lengthy and complicated, with obstacles to obtaining the necessary capital for small commercial projects between 100kW and 500kW. Despite its massive market potential, C&I solar has lagged significantly behind residential and utility-scale solar. A large part of this is due to inefficiencies in the application and due diligence processes that financiers require to fund projects. In this webinar, Aurora Solar and Sustainable Capital Finance (SCF) will show how a new partnership is helping installers get access to commercial financing faster and more easily. The presentation will explore case studies of how this partnership has helped Vivint Solar, one of the nation’s premier solar companies, optimize their commercial design and sales process.

Attendees of this webinar will learn how this partnership:
● Enables solar contractors to see live financing rates before applying for solar PPA financing, making it possible to provide accurate numbers to customers from the outset.
● Supports seamless commercial solar PPA applications—letting customers submit key project information with the click of a button from within their solar design platform.
● Simplifies the commercial financing application process and helps make commercial financing more broadly accessible.
● Has helped Vivint Solar optimize their commercial design and sales process.