webinar: Solar

BBOXX and Aeris: Lowering Costs for an IoT Solar Remote Monitoring Solution

Distributed solar products are achieving an unprecedented development threshold as a commercial, affordable means of delivering modern energy services at scale. But they require a reliable global mobile network that enables remote monitoring of energy systems.

BBOXX develops solutions that provide affordable, clean energy to remote, off-grid communities in the developing world. With the Aeris IoT Services platform, BBOXX was able to install the Aeris global subscriber identity module (SIM) at the point of manufacture, reducing both supply chain costs and deployment time. Also, by utilizing Aeris’ single global access point name (APN), the solar-powered BBOXX system deployed on a simple plug-and-play basis, without the need to reconfigure to local network settings.

Reducing complexity, and requiring less human intervention, results in lowers costs.

Join us for a webinar where we discuss how:

  • Reliable global network connectivity is the lynchpin for any remote monitoring deployment
  • Plug-and-play, single global access point, without the need to configure local network settings, simplifies expansion requirements
  • Reducing device configuration and deployment times brings down operational costs
  • Remote monitoring, along with predictive and proactive maintenance, lowers the need for human intervention
  • Payment management allows to remotely disable units

And see how all this significantly lowers the cost of an IoT solution.