Battery Energy Storage System Safety: Critical Steps for the Maturing Storage Market

With the rise of variable renewable energy sources comes the need for dispatchability and grid stability. Offering unprecedented flexibility, the battery energy storage solution is being recognized more and more as the “missing link” in the electricity value chain. Just within the past few years alone, gigawatts of battery energy storage systems have been installed across the globe, and the industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as battery costs continue to decline and favorable regulatory policies are implemented.

As with other industries, safety standards and best practices are vital for industry growth and maturity. This requires experience and competence in system design, integration, controls, and operations. Post-mortem and preliminary results from recent safety incidents highlight the importance of proper system design, component validation, and operating procedures in reducing the risk of a safety incident and protecting life and property, while limiting propagation, should an incident occur.

In this webinar, Ken Rush, the Chief Engineering Leader of GE Energy Storage, will discuss best safety practices throughout the energy storage value chain. This includes a system safety design scheme that utilizes multilayered and overlapping protection measures. The webinar will also explore the design and financial impact of recently proposed regulatory standards on system integration. Attendees can expect to learn the common causes of a safety incident along the value chain, as well as the top preventative control measures that can mitigate such causes in their future battery energy storage projects.