webinar: Solar

Advancing Utility Scale Solar to 1500V and Beyond

The design, construction, and commissioning of large-scale PV projects present unique challenges that can only be overcome through effective partnerships up and down the solar value chain. In this webinar, NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar and Blattner Energy Director of Solar Operations Stephen Jones will discuss the art and science of transforming massive quantities of steel, PV and electrical into reliable, high performance power plants.

NEXTracker and Blattner Energy have worked closely together and have successfully transitioned projects from 1000V to 1500V. With this change, these executives and their design engineering teams are increasing power plant efficiencies and lowering labor costs while more PV installed than ever before. To date they have worked on over a gigawatt of projects together, designing 1500V systems for multiple utility scale projects in the U.S.

This webinar will provide an opportunity for solar industry colleagues to hear from these solar leaders discuss:

  • Utility scale solar trends going into 2017-18
  • Going from 1000v to 1500v and what’s holding us back from higher voltages
  • Case study: benefits of 1500V systems and design engineering challenges and opportunities (e.g. permitting, AHJs, etc.)