A Practical Guide to Residential PV Optimization

Optimizing a residential PV system is much more complex than simply optimizing the modules. While module level power electronics can be an important part of maximizing lifetime system profitability, there are many other dimensions to consider. Roof layout, shading, code requirements, interconnection mandates and storage are just a few of the important variables to carefully dissect.

This webinar will simplify the process of optimizing a residential PV system by outlining a practical guide where attendees will learn the best practices for:

  1. System design: Designers have untapped opportunities to simplify residential PV system design and reduce soft costs while achieving UL 1741 SA compliance.
  2. Logistical considerations: Modular solutions and highly integrated equipment can help installers improve efficiency, logistics and working capital.
  3. Installation techniques: A more streamlined installation process is available which can expedite operations and help installers achieve more installations per day.
  4. Power production: Unique equipment design and storage solutions ensure that maximum lifetime energy harvest is achieved.
  5. Service/O&M strategy: New smart service solutions can dramatically reduce the time spent troubleshooting errors and can even cut truck rolls in half.

Please join us in a discussion where we will redefine what it means to optimize a residential PV system.