by Stephen Lacey
April 27, 2017

In April of 2014, three of New York's most influential figures in energy -- Governor Andrew Cuomo, state "energy czar" Richard Kauffman and then-chief regulator Audrey Zibelman -- launched one of the most ambitious reform efforts in the history of electricity. It was called Reforming the Energy Vision.

It was simple, but extraordinarily bold. Here's how Zibelman explained it: “By fundamentally restructuring the way utilities and energy companies sell electricity, New York can maximize the utilization of resources, and reduce the need for new infrastructure through expanded demand management, energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed generation, and energy storage programs.”

We’re a few years on since that vision was first articulated. And so it’s a good time to ask: What has REV accomplished so far? Is the state any closer to redesigning the electricity market than it was three years ago?

This week, we're bringing Lisa Frantzis onto The Interchange podcast. Frantzis, who's senior vice president at Advanced Energy Economy, has been knee-deep in the acronyms, buzzwords and orders. And she’s going to guide us through REV.

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