by Stephen Lacey
February 21, 2017

America's solar market nearly doubled in size last year. But in 2017, growth will slow way down. What gives?

Welcome to the solar coaster. It never stops. 

In this week's show, we're discussing GTM Research's 2016 solar installation numbers. We'll talk about why last year was so impressive, and why next year will be more mediocre. 

We look into the most important questions facing the industry.

Utility-scale solar accounted for nearly three-quarters of the market. What does that say about the state of distributed generation?

More than one-third of all solar installed in 2016 came from California's mandate and PURPA. Will that continue?

Residential solar only grew 5 percent in California and 19 percent nationwide. What's moderating residential growth?

Small commercial solar didn't even make up 1 gigawatt. Will anyone crack the code? 

Solar only represents ~2 percent of total generation in the U.S. Is solar still on a path to get to 10 percent of electricity generation?

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