by Stephen Lacey
July 21, 2016

At GTM, we strive to understand the ups, downs, twists and turns of the rapidly changing energy business. We're constantly asking ourselves -- and others -- questions about how the energy transition will unfold. That's what drives our business, and what drives us personally.

Nearly a year ago, we started recording some of those internal conversations for our new podcast, The Interchange. Every week, Shayle Kann and I talk to each other, to other GTM analysts, and a variety of outside experts about the most pressing trends in the industry. 

The podcast is available to GTM Squared subscribers only. But after recording more than 40 episodes, we decided to open up five of our favorites to the world.

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How Much Is a Distributed Grid Worth?

If we built a grid with all the most advanced distributed technologies -- solar, batteries, smart inverters, intelligent appliances and cars -- would it actually be desirable? Would it be a better alternative economically than what we have today?

That's what Ryan Hanley, SolarCity's director of grid engineering solutions, wanted to figure out. We talk to him about his research showing that a distributed grid could be worth $1.4 billion to California ratepayers alone in the next five years.

Show Me the Data

There are now more than 1 billion data points being logged each day on the grid. The volume of new data is set to explode in the coming years as both the transmission and distribution systems become increasingly digitized. But who will benefit from that data? Solar, battery and efficiency companies want as much of it as possible to target customers. Utilities are understandably protective of it for security, privacy and competitive reasons.

In this episode, we talk with Elena Lucas, the CEO of UtilityAPI, about how data-sharing is evolving in the power sector.

The World After David Crane

After 12 years leading NRG Energy, David Crane was let go last December. Under Crane, NRG enacted plans to become a leader in renewables and customized electricity offerings -- building up its distributed energy business through a slew of acquisitions and internal restructuring.

What will be NRG's future look like under new leadership? In this episode, Shayle and Stephen discuss the potential outcome with Steve Propper, GTM’s director of grid research.

Will Low Oil Prices Persist?

Everyone pays attention to oil prices. But very few people understand what controls oil prices -- or how to predict where they’ll go. 

In this week's show, Michael Levi, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the geopolitical and economic consequences of low oil prices in 2016.

April Fools' episode: Inside Amazon's New Drone-Based Solar Installation Service

Amazon upended book publishers and brick-and-mortar retailers. Is it about to upend solar installers too?

In this bonus episode, we outline a new drone-based solar installation business from Amazon. (Before you get too excited, remember that this show was published on April 1.)

One last thing: Remember to use the promo code INTERCHANGE to get $50 off a GTM Squared membership.