by Julian Spector
June 26, 2018

The storage industry got its most hotly awaited summer blockbuster last week — the New York energy storage road map.

I’ve been digging into the document to pull out the bits that are actually new and interesting. I’m looking forward to the day when we're all banned from saying that “Value stacking is essential” counts as a “Key Takeaway,” but we’re not there yet.

More interesting is how the document grapples with “dual market” participation, as in how to define rules of engagement for a battery that plays in both the distribution grid and the wholesale markets.

It’s new to see a deregulated market actively seeking storage to participate in the grid, but that’s happening now in New York and Massachusetts. That means storage could soon be participating in competitive wholesale markets, and this will look different from the California projects participating through resource adequacy contracts.

The road map doesn't just throw up long-term goals, though. It delivers some hard action items.