by Nicolas Rinaldi
November 01, 2017
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New England is one of the fastest-growing regions for solar and energy storage in the U.S. With strong policies for renewables and a local hive of innovative clean energy companies, New England has the potential to lead the nation toward a decentralized and decarbonized electric future.

Last week, GTM and GTM Research hosted an event focusing on this rapidly growing market. GTM Research analyst presentations from the symposium are now available as a benefit to GTM Squared members. Click the download button above to get access to insights from the following panels.

How Distributed Solar and Storage Are Transforming the New England Electricity Landscape

From SRECs to a Green Bank, utility-owned home energy management to community solar, distributed solar and storage is transforming the delivery of electricity and the utility-customer relationship in New England. This GTM Research presentation will cover:

  • The outlook for solar and storage in New England and in the context of broader national trends
  • Key challenges facing the distributed energy landscape

Presenter: MJ Shiao, Head of Americas Research, GTM Research

Residential Solar in New England: Customer Acquisition and Solar Finance Trends

GTM Research presents the latest analysis on major trends in residential solar finance, customer acquisition and the competitive landscape for residential solar installations in the New England regions.

Presenter: Allison Mond, Solar Analyst, GTM Research

Making Energy Storage Work in New England

Presenter: Ravi Manghani, Director, Energy Storage, GTM Research

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