by Nicolas Rinaldi
September 16, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edge, energy storage, and other energy news.

Solar News

11 Consecutive Quarters
The number of consecutive quarters the U.S. solar market has installed more than 1 gigawatt of solar PV, according to a new report from GTM Research and SEIA. (story)

5 Paths
The number of paths the solar industry could take to resolve Nevada's contentious net metering debate, according to Vote Solar’s Adam Browning. (story)

3 States
This week, The Energy Gang and Julia Pyper roll up their sleeves and dive into local solar politics in three U.S. states: Nevada, California and Florida. (story)

$30 Million
The fire-sale price that China's Hanergy paid to acquire CIGS solar cell manufacturer MiaSolé in 2013. Since then, MiaSolé has been operating in stealth -- until this week, when the company announced a next-gen flexible solar product at SPI in Las Vegas. (story)

$300 Million
The investment that Tabuchi America is putting behind a new solar-plus-storage loan and lease program with terms up to 20 years. (story)

40 Gigawatts
India's residential solar target by 2022. This week, Gireesh Shrimali of the Climate Policy Initiative and Justin Guay of the Packard Foundation outline the ways the country can achieve the ambitious goal. (story)

Grid Edge News

50,000 Homes
The number of homes included in Southern California Edison's virtual power plant contract with Nest. The project aims to deliver roughly 50 megawatts in reliable load reduction for SCE during hot afternoons next summer. (story)

125 Megawatts
The contracted capacity that SCE awarded this week to six companies for distributed energy storage and demand response as part of the utility's Preferred Resources Pilot. (story)

1 Big Grid
In order for California to achieve its ambitious renewables targets, advocates say they will need to integrate into a large regional power grid in the western U.S. This week, Bentham Paulos outlines the pros and cons of potential grid integration for California and its neighboring states. (story)

$74 Million
The venture funding raised by smart cities startup Sensity. This week, Verizon acquired Sensity; terms of the deal were undisclosed. (story)

Energy Storage News

8 Kilowatt-Hours
The capacity of Blue Planet Energy's modular residential battery unit. The company, which is lead by Henk Rogers (developer of the video game Tetris), will launch its modular battery system in Q1 2017. And yes, it's stackable. (story)

The percentage of Sonnen batteries in North America that are being used for backup power, even though the economics of battery backup don't always pencil out. This week, Julian Spector looks at how emotion is often trumping economics in residential storage adoption. (story)

Meanwhile, Stephen Lacey examines a new survey from Enphase Energy that shows current battery offerings can't meet the needs of most consumers looking for backup generation. (story)

10 Gigawatts
The amount of pumped hydro that India wants to build to help store the 175 gigawatts of renewable energy the country plans to install by 2022. (story)

Other Energy

40% Cost Reduction
The estimated cost reduction in wind generation by 2030, according to 160 industry experts surveyed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. (story)