by Nicolas Rinaldi
April 29, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in grid edge, solar and energy news.

Grid Edge News

168.5 Megawatt-Hours
The amount of behind-the-meter energy storage that Tesla will sell to SolarCity in 2016, more than 135 percent of the total U.S. market in 2015. (story)

$77 Million
The amount GE-backed energy services company, Current, reportedly paid to acquire networked building startup Daintree Networks. (story)

$33 Million
Latest investment in Aquion Energy, a long-duration saltwater battery manufacturer. To date, the company has raised $190 million in venture capital. (story)

$16.8 Million
The amount of the latest funding round for ViZn Energy Systems, a flow battery provider with a zinc-based chemistry. (story)

734 Buildings
The number of commercial properties in which PACE financiers have invested $252 million across 14 U.S. states. (story)

3 Years
The time it took to complete a government-funded study on the viability of residential energy storage in Germany. The study found that batteries will not be the future of grid balancing in Germany. (story)

50 Percent
The price reduction in LED tubes year-over-year, according to Groom Energy. Groom talks cost gains and other takeaways from LightFair 2016. (story)

Solar News

1000 × 0.06/(8760 × 0.34) = $20 per Megawatt-Hour
The equation used by David Keith -- Gordon McKay professor of applied physics and professor of public policy at Harvard -- to forecast utility-scale solar costs in high-resource sites by 2020. (story)

65 Companies
Total SEIA membership in 2004 when Rhone Resch, the association's now-outgoing CEO, took over. Today, SEIA has 1,000 members. Stephen Lacey sat down with Resch for his exit interview. (story)

A new equation proposed last week by six New York utilities and three leading solar companies to value net energy metering in the state. GTM Research VP Shayle Kann analyzes the proposal. (story)

242 Gigawatts
The forecasted capacity of monitored PV worldwide by the end of 2016. The PV monitoring market will grow 58 gigawatts this year, according to GTM Research. (story)

$15 Million
The amount raised by off-grid solar firm SunFunder to provide a combination of solar PV, lithium-ion batteries and LED bulbs in Africa. (story)

$2.3 Million
The amount of unpaid donations that Grid Alternatives is seeking from SunEdison in a recent California court filing. (story)

62 Hours and 27 Minutes
The time it took Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered plane, to fly from Hawaii to California on the final leg of its flight around the globe. (story)

Other Energy News

1.58 Terawatt-Hours
The amount of renewables curtailment in Germany in 2014. Billions are now being spent in Germany on grid upgrades to reduce curtailment. (story)

$250 Million
The amount spent by 10 big U.S. utilities on political action committees since 2011. Georgia-based Southern Co. was the most active, spending $65 million in that period. (story)

EUR1.2 Billion
Cost of proposed subsidy by the German finance minister to reinvigorate the country's sluggish electric-vehicle market. (story)

$492 Million
Total investment featured in this week's cleantech funding roundup. (story)