by Nicolas Rinaldi
October 21, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edgeenergy storage, and other energy news.

Solar News

Amendment 1
The amendment on Florida's ballot in November that ostensibly would support the right to solar ownership while protecting non-solar customers from cost shifting. However, in a leaked recording uncovered by the Miami Herald, a policy expert with insider knowledge of the amendment says the PR campaign pushed a pro-solar message while the actual law would hamstring development. (story)

10,000 Panels per Day
The expected output of SolarCity's manufacturing plant currently under construction in Buffalo, New York. SolarCity announced this week that it entered into an agreement with Panasonic to manufacture solar cells and modules at the facility by mid-2017. (story)

5th Place
The U.K.'s solar demand ranking globally, according to GTM Research. While solar is boosting the role of energy storage in other large solar markets around the world, Jason Deign warns that the same is not expected to happen the U.K., for now. (story)

Grid Edge News

Level 4 Automation
The highest level of vehicle automation defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This week, Elon Musk announced that all Tesla cars built from now on will be able to reach Level 4 autonomy. (story)

September 30, 2016, 5:00 P.M.
The date and time that Pedro Pizarro took over as CEO of Edison International. Julia Pyper sat down with Pizarro to talk about how Edison International is setting itself up for success in a distributed energy future. (story)

3 Million Squared Feet
The size of Faraday Future's manufacturing facility under construction in Nevada. This week, Jason Deign looks at how Faraday has failed to back up its big talk on recent technology breakthroughs and partnerships. (story)

The price of Honeywell's new Lyric T5 smart thermostat. Ecobee also recently announced that its ecobee3 lite thermostat will be available for $169 by the end of the month. This lower pricing signals a trend in the thermostat market, as companies learn the demand for $200+ models is limited. (story)

$14 Million
Series D funding for energy efficiency provider EnergySavvy. The company will use the investment to expand its utility efficiency offerings and launch a consulting business to help utilities with change management. (story)

Energy Storage News

142 Megawatts
Wal-Mart's installed PV capacity as of 2015, making it the largest corporate adopter of PV in the U.S. The company has also started to deploy energy storage at 17 locations in California. This week, Julian Spector looks at the company's energy storage strategy. (story)

$85 Million
Sonnen's Series D venture funding announced this week. The investment will be used to fund grid services and expansion in Italy, the U.S. and Australia. (story)

$23 Million
The amount raised by Eos Energy through the closing of a sale in a private placement. Eos Energy will use the investment to scale up its zinc-based grid battery production. (story)

Other Energy News

The carbon tax initiative in Washington state that will appear on voter ballots this November. On the Energy Gang podcast this week, we explore why the state's political left is fiercely opposed to the initiative. (story)

$2.8 Million
The cost of the "hydrogen highway," a fueling station for fuel-cell vehicles, being built along Skyline Boulevard in Woodside, California. It's located just steps from where GTM Editor-at-Large Eric Wesoff calls home. (story)

65% to 85% in Energy Savings
The amount of energy a company can save on average by switching to Google's G Suite of products according to Kate Brandt, the lead for sustainability at Google. Last week, Julian Spector sat down with Brandt at SXSW Eco in Austin to talk about Google's sustainability efforts. (story)

The share of coal generation in Texas' electric portfolio, down from 40 percent a decade ago. As coal declines in Texas, Katherine Tweed gives us five charts that show the market, not regulation, putting pressure on coal in the state. (story)

12 Utilities
The number that filed new rate cases in the U.S. in Q3 2016. EQ Research provides its quarterly rate case update for Squared members this week. (story)