by Nicolas Rinaldi
October 14, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edgeenergy storage, and other energy news.

Solar News

45 Days
The average interconnection wait time in 2015 for a small solar PV system. The time has nearly doubled since 2014. (story)

The percentage of consumers who opted for a solar lease on EnergySage's Solar Marketplace in H2 2015. The other 96 percent opted for direct ownership. This week, EnergySage's CEO argues for expanding solar loans to satisfy consumer demand. (story)

The percentage of Americans who favor building more solar farms, according to Pew Research. Solar is becoming a point of unity amidst the country's divisive political landscape. (story)

100 Megawatts
The community solar capacity that NRG is aiming to develop in the U.S. Jeff St. John looks at how the company is navigating various state markets, policies and incentives to hit its goal. (story)

12.6 Gigawatts
The global market size for PV trackers in 2016, a 254% growth over 2015 installations, according to GTM Research. (story)

$7 Million
The VC funding won by Geostellar to continue developing its online platform that lets residents simulate the value of a rooftop solar system at a specific location. (story)

Grid Edge News

7 Million Smart Meters
The number of smart meters installed in Texas. This week, Katherine Tweed explores why so few companies have layered third-party energy services on top of Texas' existing metering infrastructure. (story)

$2 Billion in Savings
The forecasted savings for the New York Power Authority from the deployment of GE’s Predix analytics platform at 16 of its power plants and along 1,400 miles of its transmission lines. (story)

34% Growth
The growth in U.S. EV sales year-over-year in 2016. This week, Julia Pyper looks at how consumer sentiment is spurring a turnaround in the country's EV sales. (story)

$45 Billion
The estimated economic benefit by 2030 for 50 global cities from the deployment of electric, shared and autonomous cars. (story)

81,000 Charging Stations
The number of charging stations deployed in China at the end of June 2016, up from 50,000 at the beginning of the year. In five years, estimates show China could have more charging stations than the rest of the world combined. (story)

Energy Storage News

2,000 Attendees
The number of attendees at the Energy Storage North America trade show last week in San Diego. Our Julian Spector was there and provides insights from the showroom floor. (story)

$111 per Megawatt-Hour
The estimated cost of electricity from Siemens' new packed-bed heat storage system. Siemens is integrating the technology into wind projects to capture excess generation. (story)

100 Installation Partners
The number of partners that Germany-based energy storage provider, Sonnen, has in 40 U.S. states. Sonnen announced this week that the company will be working with AutoGrid's software to help developers, utilities, and service providers aggregate Sonnen battery systems. (story)

Other Energy News

$28 Billion
The forecasted size of the lighting market for the indoor agricultural industry. Eric Wesoff sits down with Randy Mortensen of Lighting Science to discuss where the market and indoor LED technology is headed. (story)

$220 Billion
The global investment in energy efficiency, according to the IEA. (story)

$1.65 Billion
The amount paid by GE to acquire LM Wind Power, one of the largest blade manufacturers in the world. (story)

700 MPH
The speed at which hyperloop transportation technology can travel. Hyperloop One, a startup looking to commercialize the technology, raised $50 million this week and hired Uber's former CFO. (story)

160 Gigawatts
The potential hydropower capacity undeveloped in Canada, according to the Canadian Hydropower Association. This week, we ask whether Canadian hydro can be a lifeline for Northeast U.S. clean energy goals. (story)