by Nicolas Rinaldi
June 03, 2016

Here are the key takeaways from the week in solar and grid edge news.

Grid Edge News

LMP+D Model
The location-based marginal price of energy model that New York stakeholders are working on to transition away from net energy metering. This week, Julia Pyper analyzes these efforts that are part of the state's REV initiative. (story)

$2 Billion
The amount of current property-assessed clean energy (PACE) residential financing. PACE residential programs have doubled over the past year. (story)

The percentage of a home's appraised value that homeowners can now use to finance clean energy upgrades from Fannie Mae. (story)

13 Microgrid Projects
The number of new projects in the U.S. since the beginning of the year. GTM Research now forecasts a 30 percent increase in the microgrid market's 2020 cumulative operational U.S. capacity. (story)

18.3 Megawatts of Energy Storage
The amount of energy storage installed in the U.S. in Q1 2016, according to GTM Research. The number represents 127% growth year-over-year. (story)

100+ Megawatts of Energy Storage
The amount of storage regulators want SCE to purchase by 2017 to alleviate the grid affects of the Aliso Canyon natural-gas storage facility disaster. (story)

1 Megawatt-Hour
The size of the lithium-ion battery that Norwegian state-owned oil company Statoil is planning to add to a floating offshore wind farm to capture excess energy in late 2018. (story)

$6.8 Billion
The amount recently paid by energy giant Exelon to acquire the utility holdings of Pepco. This week, Jeff St. John looks at the trends behind the multibillion-dollar market for utility M&A. (story)

Solar News

$192 Million
The savings for PG&E customers after the utility withdrew plans for transmission upgrades. The utility was able to forego the projects thanks to benefits from increasing solar penetration and efficiency upgrades within its territory. (story)

Chapter 11
GTM Research analysts weigh in on what SunEdison’s bankruptcy means for the utility-scale and non-residential segments and what companies are positioned to benefit. (story)

$1.00 per Watt
The forecasted pricing for fixed-tilt ground-mount PV systems in the U.S. by 2020, according to GTM Research. (story)

The amount of the mandatory demand charge proposed by Arizona's largest utility, APS, for solar customers within its territory. (story)

21,000 Loans
Number of solar loans issued by SolarCity to date. The company announced this week that they are revamping the MyPower solar loan product. (story)

15 Years
The time period over which Texas is forecasted to add 14 gigawatts to 27 gigawatts of solar capacity. Local grid operator ERCOT foresees solar replacing nearly all retiring coal in the state. (story)

73% Decrease
The forecasted drop in PV demand in Japan with cuts to the country's feed-in tariff expected to come this quarter. (story)

Other Energy News

Should state renewable portfolio standards (RPSs) be expanded to include low-carbon resources, such as nuclear, in order to achieve America's carbon reduction goals? This week's editorial argues yes. (story)