by Nicolas Rinaldi
May 27, 2016

Here are the key takeaways from the week in solar and grid edge news.

Grid Edge News

$70 Million
The amount raised by compressed-air energy storage startup LightSail Energy Storage from investors such as Peter Thiel, Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla. This week, GTM's Eric Wesoff exposes systemic mismanagement at the company. (story)

$3.2 Billion in Gaming Revenue
The revenue from MGM Grand and Wynn Las Vegas in gaming. The two Vegas casinos recently announced they are cutting ties with local utility NV Energy to buy wholesale electricity on their own. The Energy Gang analyzes the impact on this week's show. (story)

13 Megawatts of Solar PV + 6 Megawatt-Hours of Storage
The standalone commercial solar-plus-storage project SolarCity is developing with Tesla Energy in Connecticut. This week, Jeff St. John asks whether this project is the future of the solar-storage business model. (story)

$270 Million
Funds remaining in California's Self-Generation Incentive Program. This week, CPUC President Michael Picker revised the process by which the program will dole out funds to private firms. (story)

$212 Million
Amount paid by British energy firm Centrica to acquire CHP provider ENER-G Cogen International. (story)

$20 Million
New funding round announced by big-data software provider AutoGrid. Funding came from Energy Impact Partners and Envision Ventures. (story)

$15 Million
Funding add-on announced by energy storage developer Stem. Investment came from Peter Thiel's Mithril Capital and brings Stem's total venture funding to $110 million. (story)

46% Increase
Growth in the combined-heat-and-power market for multifamily residences. This is the largest market for CHP outside of the industrial segment. (story)

20% of EnerNOC's Business
The share of the company's total business from its enterprise software division. EnerNOC announced this week that it will sell off the enterprise software division as part of strategic restructuring. (story)

Solar News

$4 Million
The announced value of the U.S. DOE's Orange Button initiative, which aims to standardize data from across the industry to lessen financial risk. The first step of the initiative's Phase 1 kicked off this week. (story)

41 States
The number of U.S. states with mandatory net energy metering rules. A new report finds net energy metering is not a financial drain on the electric grid, as some utilities have argued. (story)

$7 Million to $14 Million
The estimated value to Nevada's grid from the state's existing 23,000 solar rooftops, according to a new report. Nevada recently eliminated net metering incentives for existing solar customers. (story)

10% Annual Growth
Forecasted annual increase in German solar demand over the next two years as a result of PV auctions, according to GTM Research. This signals a change in the market as demand in Germany has been falling ever since feed-in tariff cuts in 2013. (story)

42% Market Share
The combined U.S. commercial solar market share of the segment's top 10 developers. In contrast to U.S. residential solar, where three firms control nearly half the market, there is no dominant player in commercial solar right now, according to GTM Research. (story)

-30% to +30% Margins
The operating margins of leading PV panel manufacturers over the past five years. A group of experts analyze what PV manufacturers can learn from other high-capex, low-margin industries. (story)