by Nicolas Rinaldi
March 17, 2017

Below are the key takeaways from the week in grid edge, energy storage, solar, politics and other energy news.

Grid Edge News

102,500 Electric Vehicles
The number of EVs that Chinese manufacturer BYD shipped in 2016, approximately 37 percent more than Tesla. A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance ranks the top 10 manufacturers in 2016. (story)

Staying on the topic of EVs, The Energy Gang debates the future of the market in the U.S. as states roll back support for EVs and federal government fuel standards start to evaporate under Trump. (story)

Could re-evaluating federal fuel standards be a good thing, however? That's the position Julia Pyper takes this week as we look for a silver lining in the ongoing decimation of the EPA. (story)

500 Kilowatts to 10 Megawatts
The DER aggregation capacity that can qualify for CAISO's new distributed energy resource provider tariff. The DER capacity will help California meet the requirements for its day-ahead and hourly energy markets, or its faster-responding ancillary services markets. This week, Jeff St. John looks at the first companies getting in line to participate in the program. (story)

We also get into the weeds on planned rate structures for owners of homes and businesses who want to invest in battery-backed solar and EVs in California. (story)

30 Video Clips
Jeff St. John pored through 6-plus hours of video on demand from last week's California's Distributed Energy Future 2017 conference and hand-selected 30 clips in his latest weekly letter to Squared members. (story)

$310 Million to $340 Million
EnerNOC's 2017 revenue guidance, down from the $404 million the company made last year. Jeff St. John explains how EnerNOC's exposure to the slow-developing energy-efficiency and management software market may force the company to sell. (story)

1,571 Customers
The number of customers who participated in Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative's Consumer Driven Technologies survey. We look at the survey's findings this week that identify consumer attitudes toward rooftop solar. (story)

Energy Storage News

2 Bankruptcies
The number of energy storage bankruptcies that Julian Spector examines in his weekly letter to Squared members on the storage market. (story)

82 Terawatt-Hours
The pumped hydro storage capacity in Norway. This week, Jason Deign casts doubt on a new report that claims Norway's pumped hydro could act as a battery pack for other parts of Europe. (story)

$1.15 Billion
The amount that Tesla raised this week in debt and equity to finance the build-out of its Model 3 production and battery factory. (story)

CEO of Enel Green Power, Francesco Venturini, predicted this week that the energy storage market could see battery oversupply by 2018. (story)

€4 Billion
The financing that Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt is seeking from the European Investment Bank for its planned gigafactory in the Nordics. (story)

Solar News

77 Megawatts
The capacity that Sunrun installed in Q4 2016, up 13 percent year-over-year. Eric Wesoff details the company's latest earnings call. (story)

Chapter 11
Solar installer Sungevity filed for bankruptcy this week and closed a court-ordered asset purchase agreement that will provide the company with up to $20 million to fund day-to-day operations. (story)

800 per Kilowatt
The new solar self-consumption rebate introduced in France. The rebate aims to transition customers away from the country's €0.14 solar feed-in tariff and is expected to spur growth in France's residential storage market. (story)

Energy & Politics News

17 Companies
The number of U.S. companies on President Trump's business council that are heavily investing in renewables. Stephen Lacey looks at each companies' cleantech activities and how they might be able to influence White House energy policy. (story)

Other Energy News

Ask Us Anything
GTM Research analysts took to Reddit this week for an AMA on the site's Futurology channel. (story)