by Nicolas Rinaldi
April 15, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in grid edge, solar and energy news.

Grid Edge News

20 Companies
The number that received a 2016 Grid Edge Award this week from GTM, an industry honor recognizing companies and partnerships on the cutting edge of distributed energy and grid integration. (story)

454 Battery Systems
The number of grid-connected residential systems installed last year in the U.S., more than double the total in 2014. (story)

45 Employees
The number of layoffs at Opower last month as the company terminates its floundering thermostat business. The total amounted to 7 percent of Opower’s workforce. (story)

The current market share of electric vehicles in the U.S. (story)

300 Comments (and counting)
The audience feedback on this week’s biggest GTM story, which draws parallels between Tesla’s Model 3 and Henry Ford's Model T. (story)

2 Bigwigs
Southern Co.’s CEO, Tom Fanning, and former NRG CEO, David Crane, debated the value of centralized grids in the U.S.’ clean energy transition. (story)

US$65 Trillion
The investment slated by China State Grid to expand outside of its domestic market by building a global power network. (story)

Solar News

12 Years
The tenure of the Solar Energy Industries Association's soon-to-be former CEO, Rhone Resch, who announced his retirement today. (story)

2.78 ★'s
The average rating for SunEdison after their stock collapse on Glassdoor.com, an online portal where employees can anonymously rate their employers on a scale of 1 to 5. (story)

$0.59 per Share
The closing price for SunEdison stock on Thursday, April 14, up 60 percent in 24 hours after the company released an internal investigation that finds no evidence of fraud within the company. (story)

$3.21 per Watt
The average gross cost of a solar energy system in Texas, significantly lower than the national average of $3.69 per watt, according to EnergySage. (story)

The stake SMA took in Tigo Energy this week for $20 million. (story)

$0.11 to $0.12 per Kilowatt-Hour
The revised net metering value for commercial and community solar projects in Massachusetts, which was part of last week's legislation that increased the state’s net metering cap by 3 percent. (story)

110,000 Customers
The potential market in Westchester County, New York for a new community choice aggregation program offering customers renewable energy buy-in for $0.07 per kilowatt-hour. (story)

Other Energy News

The bitcoin-dollar exchange rate as of this morning; The Energy Gang explores the potential to harness block chain, Bitcoin's powerful trading database, to make energy consumption more efficient. (story)

The proportion of MidAmerican Energy’s portfolio that will come from wind after they announced an additional $3.6 billion investment in the technology. (story)

$7 Billion
Funds committed by a group of eight banks to join Bank of America Corp.’s initiative that plans to raise at least $10 billion for investments in clean energy and sustainable development. (story)

$10.1 Billion
The amount of debt that Peabody Energy Corp. is looking to reduce through a bankruptcy filing in U.S. courts this week. (story)

The percentage of growth in non-hydro renewable energy generation that state-level renewable portfolio standards are responsible for, accoring to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. (story)