by Julia Pyper
December 04, 2018

Click here to watch this roundtable on demand. Enter the password ELECTRICAVESQ. And you can download Julia's slide deck right here.

Come join us for a GTM Squared interactive call on Wednesday, December 5. This quarter's call will focus on electric vehicle markets, technology and policy.

Julia Pyper, author of Squared's weekly Electric Avenue column, will kick off with a presentation on the state of the EV market. Julia will provide expert commentary on the most important trends going into 2019, including:

  • How are EV sales trending globally? And how will CAFE standards, oil demand, and battery cost declines impact adoption in the coming years?
  • Will utility programs and city and state incentives be enough to spur meaningful EV infrastructure build-out?
  • Are EV business models and policies evolving as rapidly as the technology to enable opportunities for advanced EV rates, V2G applications and autonomous vehicles?

Julia will be joined by Stephen Lacey, Julian Spector and Emma Foehringer Merchant for an editorial roundtable. The group will debate and discuss topics from across the EV ecosystem and take questions from audience members.

You can also submit questions in advance that you'd like Julia and the Squared team to address on the call. Email your questions today to [email protected].