by Jeff St. John, Emma Foehringer Merchant, Julian Spector
February 19, 2020
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This 115-page paper examines state- and ISO-level policies and regulation advancing distributed energy resource development across the U.S. The paper covers 15 states and ISOs from Hawaii to New England.

Looking for insights on California as well? Squared has a 100-page paper devoted solely to the Golden State right here.

Table of Contents

Section 1. The 100-Percenters
  • Hawaiian Electric’s Landmark Integrated Grid Planning at the Crossroads
  • Hawaii’s Plan to Use Dispatchable Renewables and Batteries to Replace Dirty Power Plants
  • Hawaii’s First-of-a-Kind Pathway to Performance-Based Ratemaking
New York
  • Why New York’s Backstep on Net Metering Is the Right Step for DERs
  • Digging Into NYISO’s Carbon Pricing Plan
  • Nevada’s New Distribution Resources Plan Proposal: What You Need to Know

Section 2. New England and the Mid-Atlantic: States and Markets in Flux 
New England
  • One Small Step for Sunrun, One Giant Leap for Virtual Power Plants
  • Engie Will Pay Storage Developers for Wholesale Market Dispatch Rights
  • Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Demand Changes at New England’s Grid Operator
Mid-Atlantic and PJM
  • States Seek a Way Out of FERC’s Coal-Friendly Vision for PJM’s Capacity Market
  • Developments in the FERC-PJM Capacity Market Impasse
  • The Latest Skirmishes Around FERC Order 841
  • Eastern States Notch ‘Solar Wars’ Wins as Utility Antagonism Fades
  • Virginia’s Democratic Sweep and Its Implications for Dominion Energy’s Future
  • Dominion, Virginia’s Top Utility, Faces a Radical Energy Policy Challenge

Section 3. The Mixed Midwest
  • Breaking Down Illinois’ NextGrid Roadmap to a Grid Edge Future
  • New Illinois Bill Targets 100% Renewable—Not Just Clean—Electricity by 2050
  • Michigan’s Comprehensive Approach to a Complicated Distributed Energy Future
  • Michigan PURPA Settlement Set to More Than Triple State’s Solar Capacity
  • Opening the Lid on Xcel Energy’s Distribution Grid Plans in Minnesota
  • Minnesota’s Integrated Distribution Plan: The Midwest Model for Grid Edge Integration?
  • Xcel Energy Accelerates Minnesota Coal Plant Closures to Meet 100-Percent Energy Goal
  • On the Ground Floor of Ohio’s PowerForward Grid Modernization Initiative
  • Ohio’s Nuclear and Coal Bailout Bill Survives Court Challenge

Section 4. The Western U.S.
Pacific & Mountain West
  • The Extended Day-Ahead Market: A Western US Grid Plan Emerges
  • PacifiCorp Sees Savings in a Rising Tide of Renewable Energy
  • Tri-State Generation, an Energy Transition Skeptic, Finally Gets With the Times
  • Portland General Electric’s ‘Distributed Flexibility’ Plan, Built From the Neighborhood Up
  • Texas: Where Distributed Energy’s Potential Exceeds Its Market Access
  • Everything Is Bigger in Texas. Now the Solar Market Is Too

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