by Jeff St. John
May 25, 2018

This has been a busy month for news on the electric vehicle front — and we’re not just talking about Tesla’s latest quarterly earnings or the latest investments into cutting-edge EV charging technologies and business models

At the federal level, the Trump administration’s moves to roll back federal fuel economy standards has pushed the country’s big electric utility trade groups into common cause with the EV industry, demanding that EVs retain some value in whatever fuel economy rules emerge from the process. 

And in California, the state promising to keep its clean car rules in defiance of the EPA, regulators are expected next week to vote on utility plans to invest more than $500 million in EV charging infrastructure. It’s the country’s biggest investment to date into solving the chicken-and-egg problem of getting enough recharging stations in the field to give consumers the confidence that their new EVs won't be left stranded at the roadside.