by Nicholas Rinaldi
May 17, 2020

On May 12, 2020, Wood Mackenzie hosted a webinar examining the impact of the coronavirus on consumer behavior and energy demand. Wood Mackenzie analysts discuss three scenarios based on current trends and consider the implications for energy and natural resources. Discussions also include Wood Mackenzie's outlook for power markets and renewables as well as oil and gas majors' investments in grid edge technologies.

The format includes a panel conversation followed by an in-depth Q&A. Watch below and see other presentations in this series here.


  • Ed Crooks, Vice-Chair, Americas
  • Ravi Manghani, Global Head of Solar
  • Fei Wang, Grid Edge Research Manager
  • Gavin Thompson, Vice Chairman, Energy, Asia-Pacific

This webinar is part of Wood Mackenzie's new series, Connecting Conversations. The series will bring together panels of experts to discuss energy’s most pressing questions twice monthly.