4 DSM Strategies Your CCO Will Love

The service-centric wave has been building over the last few years, and now the customer is the heart of the utility world – your world. You realize the customer is the nucleus of the next-gen utility business model. And you know you need to get your customer more emotionally involved – with energy use and with your brand, too. But, you’ve got questions – namely the big one: How?

Demand-side management programs are a logical starting point for becoming your customers’ trusted energy advisor and moving beyond a transactional bill/pay relationship. You can, in fact, expand demand-side management (DSM) into a true customer engagement tool. So, here are four solid strategies to get you moving past the pondering-phase – across that crevasse and on to really reaching your bigger, broader, bolder customer goals.

U.S. Energy Storage Monitor

Delivered quarterly, the U.S. Energy Storage Monitor provides the industry’s only comprehensive research on energy storage markets, deployments, policies, regulations and financing in the U.S. These in-depth reports provide energy industry professionals, policymakers, government agencies and financiers with consistent, actionable insight into the burgeoning U.S. energy storage market.

The U.S. Energy Storage Monitor is offered quarterly in two versions– the executive summary and the full report. The executive summary is free, and provides a bird's eye view of the U.S. energy storage market and the trends shaping it. In contrast, the full report features state-by-state breakdowns and analysis on storage deployments, growth forecasts, policies helping or hindering growth, financing trends, and market strategies. It is available individually each quarter or as part of an annual subscription.

Data Analytics: Helping Utilities Identify Power Theft and Reduce Costs

Gone are the days of thieves simply trying to make a meter run backwards to not pay for the power they are using. With the growth of high-energy industries such as bitcoin mining and cannabis, electric utilities need sophisticated data analytics to find bad actors. In this paper, Honeywell discusses the power of data-driven insights and what to look for in an analytics solution.

Drones in Solar: Improve Your Operations with Aerial Intelligence

Drones provide quality inspection data across the solar lifecycle, from site selection, through construction and commissioning, to long-term maintenance. Drones have use-cases that improve safety and increase efficiency for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar. This whitepaper will review the benefits of drones in solar, explore use-cases, and discuss the basics of managing a drone program. There are bonus appendixes to help with things like deciding when to outsource and developing an Air Operations Manual. This is a great, practical resource for anyone who is considering using drones for their solar operations or is currently using drones and would like to learn more.

Bottlenecks Building as US Wind Demand Peaks

While the US wind energy installation outlook looks bright – more than 23GW in new capacity forecast over the next two years – looming unforeseen supply chain bottlenecks could lead to project cancellations and postponements, putting as much as $2.1 billion of revenue at risk, a new study by Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables found.

Although the large players in the wind industry are preparing for rapid growth in 2019-2020, many have not anticipated the magnitude of these supply chain constraints and the losses they can cause. Unavoidable project cancellations and postponements will be difficult to absorb and can lead to knock-on declines in activity for a wide range of smaller players, as well as the local economies and work forces they support.

Download the executive summary to learn more.

Vehicles and the grid edge: The market for EV grid services

Utilities are already facing a need to prepare for the potential effect of electric vehicle grid services on distribution planning. Meanwhile, technology companies are seeking to predict the feature enhancements that might help them capture revenue.

In an executive summary on grid services and EVs, Wood Mackenzie shares a forecast for the potential market that these players are seeking to take advantage of.

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