Repowering Large-Scale PV Systems Using DC Power Management

Repowering large-scale PV systems is a hot topic for system owners and O&M providers.  Learn how the industry is addressing problems and opportunities across the lifetime of PV power plants using DC power management to improve ROI. 

Download this free whitepaper to learn how Ampt String Optimizers perform DC power management to:

  • Replace legacy inverters with lower-cost modern inverters without rewiring
  • Correct voltage sag issues without replacing the PV modules or inverter
  • Mix new and legacy PV modules during replacement without creating mismatch
  • Increase DC loading without overloading the existing inverter or electrical BOS
  • Recover energy lost from variable degradation and other sources of mismatch
  • Enable lower cost options to add DC-coupled energy storage to existing systems

The Future of Energy After Covid-19: Three Scenarios

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world economy harder than any event since World War 2, and will have a lasting impact on energy demand. As governments around the world have shuttered businesses and restricted freedom of movement for billions of people, consumption of oil, gas and power has fallen.

As a framework for thinking about the long-term effects of the pandemic, Wood Mackenzie presents three recovery scenarios and consider the implications for energy and natural resources.

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