The Digital Grid: Building the Foundation With IoT and Data Analytics

Conditions are changing faster than ever in electricity distribution markets throughout the U.S. Utilities are facing increasing pressure to maintain reliability, improve resiliency, integrate renewable generation, enhance customer options and services, and ensure sound financial performance—all at the same time.

PJM Capacity Performance Is Here. Don’t Believe The Myths.

This past May, PJM ushered in a new era for Demand Response (DR) with the DY 2020/21 Base Residual Auction (BRA). The legacy summer DR programs of the past, such as the popular Limited and Summer Extended programs, will soon be gone. In the foreseeable future, Capacity Performance will be PJM’s only game in town for forward capacity Demand Response.

Making Utility-Integrated Energy Storage A Used, Useful & Universal Resource

Objective signs are everywhere that the stationary energy storage market is growing up quickly. The use of distributed resources such as solar photovoltaics and electric vehicles are expanding at a rapid pace, creating technical challenges for the distribution system that will require energy storage and a new generation of software to address. 

How String Inverters Are Changing Solar Management on the Grid

As solar PV becomes cost-competitive across most of the globe, more is being asked of these power plants as they are integrated onto electric grids that were mostly designed for one-way power flows and centralized sources of generation. The rise of intermittent solar offers challenges and opportunities for how the electric grid is managed, especially when multi-phase string inverters are considered.

Thanks to falling prices and project developers’ growing awareness of the operations and maintenance (O&M) and installation benefits, an increasing proportion of large solar PV projects built around the world will include multi-phase string inverters. Learn how string inverters are creating a new paradigm for how solar power plants can interact with, and support, power grids across the globe.

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