Building a Secure Domestic Supply Chain for Energy Storage

As battery storage becomes a crucial technology for operating a resilient and efficient grid, dependence on imported cells is a growing risk to U.S. energy security. KORE Power is in the process of bringing the first large-scale battery cell manufacturing facility to the U.S., demonstrating the capacity to strengthen the domestic supply chain for battery cells.

This paper explores the economic, technological and geographic incentives – as well as key opportunities for public policy support – that can unlock the U.S.’s potential to become a global leader in battery cell manufacturing.

Empowering Grid Modernization: A Complete GIS

Location intelligence is vital to building a modern, reliable, and resilient grid. With location intelligence, utilities see a more complete picture of their assets by relating every grid feature to its precise location. Esri’s ArcGIS models grid elements and influences better investment and operational decision-making. It consumes real-time data from sensors and external sources to heighten awareness of threats.

Customers and regulators alike need improved understanding of where grid and community impacts occur. The ArcGIS platform gives users live, colorful visualizations of information they need based on their role. To learn more about how ArcGIS anchors grid modernization, download our free e-book.   

Energy Transition Outlook 2020

Wood Mackenzie’s new Energy Transition Outlook shows the world is heading for 3° C of warming. Changing that course will take policy commitment, accelerated innovation, and massive investment. Download the executive summary of Wood Mackenzie's 2020 Energy Transition Outlook for a peek into how energy markets will play out over the next two decades.

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