Why Residential Solar Must Be Storage Ready

As residential solar PV evolves from early adopters to a mass-market product, there is an acute need for innovation to make installation faster and more seamless, and for PV systems to be even smarter and more productive.

Huawei is the world leader in solar inverter shipments and now has an all-in-one solution for the residential market that is designed from the ground up to be storage and smart home ready while optimizing solar production.

From its one-click commissioning to secure monitoring, Huawei’s FusionHome Smart Energy Solution provides a new paradigm in solar home systems for both installers and homeowners.

Enabling the Connected Energy Customer Through Cloud and Voice Services

The proliferation of distributed energy resources, advanced analytics and increasingly connected homes and businesses is now opening up the opportunity for utilities to think and act less like traditional providers of electricity and more like innovative retailers. Cloud and voices services enable utilities to offer an array of products and services that empower and delight customers, all while ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of power. The transformation can happen faster than most utilities think, and some are already well underway.

Find out why Amazon Web Services is the right partner to support utilities on their cloud journey towards faster innovation, cost efficiencies and increased security posture. Utilities can also engage with voice services through AWS to better serve customers in new ways and leverage an agile platform to embrace the internet of things.

Increased Efficiency, Better Data: The Case for Drones in Energy

Drones support business efforts to avoid hazardous man-hours; reduce costs for maintenance, inspections, and repairs; and improve efficiencies across energy operations. While drones drastically reduce the amount of time required to do inspections (by more than 95% in the case of solar), they also offer better data to inform business decisions and provide a practical solution for everyday problems facing businesses in Transmission and Distribution (T&D), Wind, and Solar.

When, Why and How is the Global Energy Transition Going to Happen?

With the current global energy transition well under way, two primary technology drivers have emerged: renewables and the use of electric-based technologies in transportation. In this recent report, we outline how those two drivers will lead to sustainable technologies — such as autonomous driving and the wider application of advanced grid-edge and machine learning applications — effectively becoming the norm by 2035, less than 20 years away.

By 2035, close to 20% of global power needs will be met by solar or wind. Similarly, upwards of 20% of all miles travelled globally by cars, trucks, buses and bikes will use electric motors rather than gasoline or diesel.

Download the free report to learn more.

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