Planning for a Distributed Energy Future

In the few short years since West Monroe’s last survey, Keeping the Lights On, there has been an increase in the types of DERs connected to the grid across utilities of all sizes and geographic locations in North America. In this research report, we take a comprehensive and linear look at how customers, utilities, and regulators are approaching this transformation.

What this survey demonstrates is that while the necessary actions and planning required by regulators and utilities to accommodate the wave of DER additions are beginning to take place, it is not at the pace required to be ahead of customer adoption rates.

Enabling the Connected Energy Customer Through Cloud and Voice Services

The proliferation of distributed energy resources, advanced analytics and increasingly connected homes and businesses is now opening up the opportunity for utilities to think and act less like traditional providers of electricity and more like innovative retailers. Cloud and voices services enable utilities to offer an array of products and services that empower and delight customers, all while ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of power. The transformation can happen faster than most utilities think, and some are already well underway.

Find out why Amazon Web Services is the right partner to support utilities on their cloud journey towards faster innovation, cost efficiencies and increased security posture. Utilities can also engage with voice services through AWS to better serve customers in new ways and leverage an agile platform to embrace the internet of things.

Bottlenecks Building as US Wind Demand Peaks

While the US wind energy installation outlook looks bright – more than 23GW in new capacity forecast over the next two years – looming unforeseen supply chain bottlenecks could lead to project cancellations and postponements, putting as much as $2.1 billion of revenue at risk, a new study by Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables found.

Although the large players in the wind industry are preparing for rapid growth in 2019-2020, many have not anticipated the magnitude of these supply chain constraints and the losses they can cause. Unavoidable project cancellations and postponements will be difficult to absorb and can lead to knock-on declines in activity for a wide range of smaller players, as well as the local economies and work forces they support.

Download the executive summary to learn more.

Vehicles and the grid edge: The market for EV grid services

Utilities are already facing a need to prepare for the potential effect of electric vehicle grid services on distribution planning. Meanwhile, technology companies are seeking to predict the feature enhancements that might help them capture revenue.

In an executive summary on grid services and EVs, Wood Mackenzie shares a forecast for the potential market that these players are seeking to take advantage of.