PV Module Supply Chain Service

PV Module Supply Chain Service

From technology market shares and production costs to end- market shipments and component pricing patterns, GTM Research’s PV Module Supply Chain Service helps executives monitor the pulse of the global PV value chain.

Gain exclusive, on-going access to all of GTM Research's Global Solar Module Supply Chain reports, data and analysts.

With an annual subscription, you'll stay up to date on cell, wafer and module costs and receive reports like our Smart and AC PV Module Outlook.

A look inside the research:

A look inside the data:

Subscribe to multiple services to receive additional benefits including passes to our solar conferences and access to our analyst team, as well as slide-based quarterly executive briefings covering demand dynamics, module and system pricing trends, technology innovations, policy analysis and the global market.

Find out how we can help your business. Contact solarsubscription@gtmresearch.com.

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