Utility PV Tracker Update: Q1 2017

GTM Research's Utility PV Market Tracker provides the most in-depth and up-to-date data, analysis and news on the expanding U.S. utility market segment.

The Utility PV Project Tracker presents data on every operating and contracted utility PV project in the U.S. In addition to ongoing access to the project tracker, subscribers receive quarterly presetnations on the market from GTM Research analysts.

The Project Tracker Contains:

Project Name

Commission Date Land Type
Developer Owner Land Type
Capacity (MWdc) Power Offtaker Module Manufacturer
Capacity (MWac) Offtaker Type Inverter Manufacturer
City SREC Offtaker BOS Type
County EPC Firm Land Area (acres)
State Business Model Land Use (Acres/MWdc)
Status PPA Terms (years) Last Update
In Construction (Y/N) Module Technology Permitting Notes
Expected Completion Date Module Type Financing Notes


The PPA Price Tracker presents data on PPA prices for more than 7 GWdc of utility PV projects in development and online.

The PPA Price Tracker contains:

Project Name PPA Contract Execution Date
Capacity (MWdc) PPA Terms (years)
PPA Price ($/MWh) Remaining Years PPA is in Effect

For more information on GTM Research's Utility PV Market Tracker, contact utilitytracker@gtmresearch.com

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