Utility AMI Analytics at the Grid Edge: Strategies, Markets and Forecasts

by Aakriti Gupta, Ben Kellison

Utilities around the globe are projected to spend $10.1 billion USD on analytics solutions and integrations services through 2021, to enhance the value of new and existing automated metering infrastructure (AMI) investments. These investments enable utilities to improve customer service and engagement, upgrade distribution grid management and increase overall energy efficiency.

Utilities continue to develop new applications beyond AMI's traditional meter-to-cash use cases. AMI-based grid edge analytics use cases have come to occupy two major categories: network and customer. On the network side, decentralized and centralized architectures are deployed to serve off-line and near real-time applications such as distribution O&M, predictive outage and reliability, and volt/VAR control. On the customer side, AMI data increases the accuracy of iterative and self- learning algorithms to enhance load forecasting, customer segmentation and load disaggregation.

AMI Vendor Taxonomy

This 80-slide report provides data and analysis of the competitive landscape for AMI solutions, global- and region-specific deployment trends, market drivers, and utility case studies to provide descriptive and prescriptive insights into the future of AMI-enabled analytics in the utility market.

Premium License purchasers will receive the full report along with detailed data, from GTM 's Grid Edge Deployment Tracker, on over 780 AMI projects and 300 AMI-related analytics deployments, covering 100 vendors and 710 utilities. The full excel data sheet will also include the underlying data from the report.

Aakriti Gupta Analyst, Grid Edge

Aakriti Gupta is a Grid Analyst at GTM Research, focusing on soft grid, IOT and data analytics. Prior to GTM Research, Aakriti worked at Bank of America as a Quantitative Management Associate (a data analytics position operating across different lines of business). She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an MS and BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a double major in Engineering and Public Policy, focusing on power systems. She has been a strategy intern at GE with the digital energy group and a business analyst for a boutique consulting firm. She has also worked as a research analyst at CMU for a number of projects in the power systems domain.

Ben Kellison Director, Grid Research

Ben is the Director of Grid Research for GTM Research, specializing in Distribution Automation, Network Management and Renewables Integration markets.

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