U.S. Wholesale DER Aggregation: Q1 2016

by Elta Kolo

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are increasingly impacting wholesale energy market structures and pricing. U.S. independent system operators (ISOs) made initial reforms more than a decade ago to incorporate and monetize traditional demand response (DR), including demand and distributed generation (DG) resources. However, increasing penetration levels of solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle resources are creating new opportunities to monetize distributed resources and expanding the importance of aggregation in wholesale energy markets and for future distribution services.

DER Aggregation, Coordination and Scheduling Entities

New regulatory constructs at both the wholesale and distribution levels are developing to account for and optimize investment and use of both traditional DR and new distributed resources. This report describes current regulation, market activities, and innovative pilots involving DER aggregation across PJM, MISO, CAISO and ERCOT. It's the first in a new quarterly series on U.S. DER aggregation.

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Elta Kolo Analyst, Grid Edge

Elta is a Grid Edge Analyst at GTM Research working on demand-side management in U.S. electricity markets. Prior to joining GTM, Elta pursued a joint PhD funded by the European Commission on Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. During her PhD she researched demand response policies for the implementation of smart grids, and has presented her work at both U.S. and European conferences in addition to publishing in international scholarly journals. Elta holds an MSc in Economics and Management of Network Industries from Spain and France and a BA in Economics from Union College (NY).

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