U.S. Residential Solar PV Customer Acquisition 2017

by Allison Mond

Customer acquisition has been a hot topic in the residential solar market for years. Despite falling system costs overall, customer acquisition costs have actually risen over the past several years, increasing from $0.41/watt in 2013 to $0.52/watt in 2016. 

The rise in customer acquisition costs stems from higher wages and commissions paid to retain talented salespeople, increased hiring in marketing departments to evaluate changes in sales strategies, and a decrease in close rates for popular strategies such as purchased leads and canvassing.

After two more years of rising costs in 2017-2018, GTM Research expects customer acquisition costs to decline to $0.40/watt by 2022 by means of further market maturity, proliferation of the long tail of installers and changes in lead generation strategies. Read the latest report to understand the drivers.

This report is available for purchase or as part of GTM Research's U.S. Downstream Distributed Solar Service.

Allison Mond Senior Analyst, Solar

Allison Mond is a Senior Solar Analyst at GTM Research, focusing on the competitive landscape of the U.S. downstream solar market. Allison is the lead analyst behind the distributed Solar Data Hub, a tool which allows clients to manipulate and analyze city- and company-level data for distributed solar markets. Prior to joining GTM, Allison was a Senior Analyst at Compass Lexecon, an economic consulting firm, where she carried out research and data analysis for litigation and regulatory cases in the electricity and natural gas industries. Allison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Colby College.

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