U.S. Residential Battery Storage Playbook 2017

by GTM Research

The U.S. residential storage market is currently large and thriving, principally driven by off-grid applications. The opportunity will unfold unevenly across applications and markets over time, especially as the currently nascent grid-tied market begins to develop.

In addition to off-grid installations, the strongest applications today are time-of- use and self-consumption in Hawaii and backup power for a niche set of customers in PJM territory and the Northeast. However, the market opportunity will evolve to potentially include more prevalent TOU applications in California, New York, Massachusetts and Arizona, a more robust backup market in PJM and the Northeast, and grid services markets in California, New York and Texas.

Share of U.S. Residential Battery Storage Installations by Primary Application

The Playbook is a 102-page report that helps businesses understand, at a fundamental level and through data-driven analysis, the technology, market drivers and potential of the U.S. residential battery storage opportunity.

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