Ultracapacitors: Emerging Technologies for High-Power Energy Storage

by Eric Smalley

Energy storage is a critical piece of the clean energy revolution, especially in transportation and renewable energy generation. Ultracapacitors are poised to play a pivotal role in energy storage by meeting the needs of high-power applications:

  • acceleration power and braking energy capture for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • acceleration power and braking energy capture for trains
  • smoothing the flow of energy from wind and solar onto the grid

ERN Research's in-depth report provides a comprehensive view the state of research and development in electrochemical capacitors for transportation, grid and industrial applications.

Find out:

  • how ultracapacitors will change hybrid/electric vehicles, rail and renewable energy
  • how ultracapacitor technology is changing
  • who is driving the change

ERN Research's Energy R&D Reports include comprehensive directories of companies and researchers with entries listing key research, intellectual property and funding.

Table of contents is available in the Executive Summary

Eric Smalley Founding Editor of Technology Research News

Eric Smalley is editor of Energy Research News, a publication covering laboratory research in emerging energy technologies. He has written about technology since 1987. Smalley has focused on applied science, emerging technology, and technology research and development since 1999. He has written for many publications, including Scientific American, Discover, Nature Publishing Group, Wired News and the Boston Globe. His blog is carried by Greentech Media and the Energy Collective.

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